Rico says: Part 5, Hot Chocolate and Charles Manson


“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

  • Jim Carrey


I feel like most things I own don’t have value or a purpose. It causes clutter, chaos and stress! Says Rico to Hank while walking along the sidewalk with snowfall filling the air. If you were watching Rico and Hank in a movie the picture would be painted with white powder and a hint of buildings peeking through the background.


I wonder if I should get rid of it all? Says Rico, I don’t care if it’s a meaningless gift someone probably forgot they ever gave me. I should throw it all out……..or burn it?


I don’t know man, says Hank. I fear throwing shit away. I’m afraid there’ll come a day when I need it. The apocalypse is a real thing. Don’t burn it though, give it to someone who needs it.


Good idea  but you’re missing the point. With less stuff comes less responsibility. Jacob died and it put things into perspective. It sucks something so terrible has to happen to humble yourself. I want everything in my life to bring value. Life’s a one time shot.


True says Hank, but does life need to be so calculated?


Duh! says Rico, that’s the point man. Every time you buy something it’s in some way calculated. I can’t make this shit up , it’s real.


Alright Rico, those power lines you lived under are catching up to you says Hank with a “Shut up Rico smirk.” Are you off your soap box now so we can get a drink?


Yeah, but I’m going to shake things up man. You’ll see!


The only thing I’m worried about is getting a drink!



As Rico and Hank enjoyed cocktails at the bar their friend Bean sat by the pool of her apartment in the city. Bean enjoys spending time by the pool but today was an odd day to do so. It was February and cold as an Alaskan sasquatch. Bean was wearing a brown coat with a fur hood hovering over her head. She drank out of a black mug that read “I’m Bean if you know what I mean!”


Her mug was filled with coffee, Irish cream and Jim Beam and this was her fourth cup. She was getting full of energy and drunk at the same time. Her body language mimicked a child when she yelled out loud, drink it if you got it, whooo!, Circling the pool as snowflakes fell, Bean’s mind raced. The tears rolling down her face froze until they reached her rosy red cheeks.


She was moaning Jacob’s death.


She asked herself if there was anything she could’ve done to prevent this from happening. Each thought brought a new tear.


Thought, tear

Thought, tear

Tear, thought














Bean jumped out of her brown coat saying MOTHER-LOVER, YOU SCARED ME! WHO THE WILLIE NELSON ARE YOU!


ARE YOU OKAY? He said, I saw you crying and thought I could help.


I can’t be helped


What happened?


There’s a black hole


It’s getting dark outside but, what does that mean?


Someone close to me died said Bean, frantically


I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help?


No, nothing. He was a great person. Such a good soul. I don’t know why he did it.


I don’t mean to pry but did what? Asked the man.


Kill himself . He had so much going for him. It breaks my heart……….  I’ve been talking to myself just to hear him. We were are all waiting for June to come but it took too long. Whatever tortured him couldn’t wait………… February is an awful month.


Bean’s phone began to ring. She answered.


Hi Rico


Hi bean, what are you doing?


Rico, if I’m helpless tell me now.


Oh Bean, you’re not helpless. You’re one of the most amazing people I know. Remember your brothers’ grad party when it started to rain? Everybody was sad the party was being forced indoors but not you. You pulled down the tarp and started a slip n slide party. Only you could do that. That is one of the best memories I have. You’re a game changer Bean!


Bean was silent. She didn’t say a thing for two minutes. Rico stayed on the line until she spoke.


Rico, your heart is always growing. And. I want to see you.


Bean, have you been drinking?


Hurry daylight’s wasting! And yes!


Are you in a safe place?


I think so


Where are you?


My place, by the pool.


Bean, it’s freezing out. I’m coming over!


After the call Bean has a feeling of warmth and holds the phone against her chest.


Rico says to Hank at the bar, Bean needs me. I have to go.


Someone in need of Rico wasn’t an uncommon occurrence. If a neon light was flickering he would be there to fix it or turn it off. He’s the plywood that holds the world together.


Scurrying through the snowy streets of the city Rico was on a mission to get to Bean. A walk that would take the average person 30 minutes across the city took Rico 10 minutes today. He was on a mission and once he got closer he Rushed towards the pool area and caught Bean in his line of sight from afar.



Meanwhile, Hank after being ditched by Rico continued to sit at the bar. I’ll have another, he says to the bartender. I love a drink like a strong Manhattan on a cold winter day. It cuts through the cold! Me too thought Jimmy the Bartender considering Manhattans are $10 a pop.


A man near Hank’s age bellies up to the seat next to him ordering a Miller High Life.


Living the High life? Asks Hank


Yea, says the man. How you doing?


Good, considering my friend just ditched me. He had his reasons though. Are you from around here?


No, I’m in town visiting my girlfriend. I live and work in Vegas. I’m an actor.


Sweet, have I seen you in anything?


I’m currently playing Charles Manson for an HBO mini series. We’re shooting soon.


Oh, I haven’t heard about that but it describes your beard and long black hair says Hank nervously. Hank wasn’t sure if this guy was being honest or just crazy. Nonetheless he felt safe in public but was planning his escape if things got weird.


The Manson look alike jumped out of his seat beating his fists on the bar yelling Jäger shots on me!


He ordered 4 shots assuming Hank will take 2. Hank’s nerves grew to anxiety. Is Manson trying to get me drunk so he can kill me? I’m too young to die. I have too much still to do. I still have clothes at the dry cleaners!


Not wanting to piss Manson off, Hank took the two shots and was becoming sloppy drunk.


Hey man, my girl is throwing a party tonight if you want to go. Says Manson.


Uh, I have plans said Hank. Thinking to himself, I don’t want to drink the Kool-aide and not wake up!


I’m excited about this Manson acting gig the man said . I really feel like I am channeling Charles Manson. His thoughts, his interests. It’s really working. I was sent here for you! You know what I mean?


Yea, says Hank while looking at Jimmy the bartender like save me. You know I have to go.


Alright man, you want the address for the party tonight?


Sorry, I have plans says Hank as he stumbles out of the bar.


Hank closed the door of the bar and the creepy Manson look-a-like behind him.


As one door closes, another one opens-


After seeing Bean from a distance by the pool, Rico ran to her. He could tell she had been drinking by her sleepy eyes and poor posture. Rico wished he could pull magic out from under his sleeve to fix Bean’s sadness but no matter how hard you wish for something it doesn’t always come true.


Bean, hey let’s go inside. It’s cold.


I don’t know says Bean. So many things in my place remind me of him. It makes me sad.


It saddens me too. You know I’m a skeptic when it comes to religion, but this too shall pass. That’s a good one.  Let’s go inside. I’ll make you hot chocolate with little marshmallows.


I’m so happy you’re here says Bean as she steps closer to him. I don’t know what I’d do without you. This is such a tough thing to go through.

I know says Rico. If life were easy we probably wouldn’t appreciate all the good things. Like sunshine, I can’t wait for spring to come. Although, it’s nice having something to look forward to. Everyday isn’t easy, no matter what situation you are going through remember to smile every once and awhile and I promise you’ll feel better. Breathe too. So often we forget to take deep breathes.


Bean grabs Rico’s hand and says you’re right Rico. I want hot chocolate. Let’s go inside.


As soon as they made it inside Bean’s apartment Rico worked on making the hot chocolate as Bean sat on the couch. Once the coco was finished Rico walked over to the couch to give Bean a cup however Bean had fallen asleep. Rico covered her with a blanket, laid a pillow under her head and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate while sitting at the end of the couch with Bean’s feet at his side.


What a guy……..










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