Ricoh Says: Part 2, Talk about a surprise!

Rico was at his place Wednesday night listening to music as he got dressed for a date later in the evening. ‘Crash into me’ by Dave Matthews Band was playing and his date was with Adora. Adora is Spanish for Adoration and he met her through a dating phone app.

Rico looked at himself in the mirror while buttoning his shirt and whispering under his breathe, please don’t let her be crazy. Taking a sip of the whisky and ginger he made to calm his nerves, he started moving his hips when ‘I Wish’ by Stevie Wonder began playing on the stereo. He was meeting Adora at a wine bar to drink Italian wine.

Arriving 5 minutes early, Rico grabbed a two top for him and Adora. 30 minutes went by and still no sign of Adora, so he texted his close friend, Hank.

“Hey man, I think this girl bailed on me. She’s 25 minutes late. Are you out tonight? “

 Hank: “That sucks. No, I’m staying in. I’d give it another 5 mins and leave if she doesn’t show. Can’t meet for a beer, I’m finishing work from home. Gotta love having the technology to work all the time.”

“Thanks man. I’ll give it 5. Good luck working, haha”


After 3 minutes, in walks Adora quickly knowing she’s late.

I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, my battery died and I couldn’t get an Uber, she said.

Are you sure I’m not your second date tonight and your first one ran long? Said Rico

What?! No, haha, I’ll tell you what. Drinks are on me!

Alright, deal but I’m ordering the most expensive wine on the menu to punish you.

Well, I guess you’re taking it easy on me but it’s really my phone and Uber’s fault!

I think it’s the nut behind the screw but hey, you made it!


Adora ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir and said with a playful wink, Rico – this is my favorite, you’ll love it!

Well, if I don’t we’re done here, right? Said Rico

Yeah, you’re right. I could never date someone who didn’t like the same wine as me. She winks again.


Two/thirds through the bottle of wine and ‘I Wish’ by Stevie Wonder started playing at the bar. Rico perked up with excitement and said I was grooving to this song earlier at my place .

Well you know what that means, right? Says Adora

Uhh, no.

We have to dance, RIGHT NOW!

Adora stands up to show she was serious about dancing. Grabbing Rico’s hand, she pulls him off his hesitant feet and walks Rico to an open spot in the bar and starts swinging her hips. Rico follows. Others in the bar are staring and smiling at Rico and Adora because they are the only people dancing in a bar not known for dancing. 

Adora grabs Rico’s hands and continues dancing.  She says I bet you didn’t think you’d be dancing tonight, did you?

No but you keep on surprising me.

I’m known for surprises. Just wait.  

You should be a magician. Ha. I like your accent.

Thanks. Did you know your name Rico, means strong ruler in Spanish?

No, I didn’t. My parents pulled my name out of hat.

Talk about a surprise!

Rico and Adora danced until the bar closed. After walking outside Adora thanks Rico for an awesome night!

My pleasure. Thanks for insisting to pick up the tab. You didn’t have to.

It’s the least I can do for being late.

Not a problem, your first date ran long. Rico says with a smirk.

My place is close to here, can I interest you in a night cap? Adora says sweetly.

Rico hesitates for a moment.









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