Ricoh Says: Part 1

Rico walked onto the street from his downtown loft. Dressed in a red flannel he shuffled his feet with his head tilted up like something was on his mind. Swaying left and right he continued walking on this Tuesday night. “Does anything great ever happen on Tuesdays?” he asked himself. Now with his head tilted down and passing homeless pan handlers, Rico reached for his wallet and slipped out the only cash he had giving it to a homeless man holding a sign, ‘help me, I have red hair’.

The ginger man with a ginger beard said to Rico, thank you for the twenty,  hold on a moment. Reaching into his pocket. He said, here’s ten dollars, I never take more than $10 of someone’s hard earned cash but I appreciate your generosity.

This gesture from the red headed pan handler put a smile on Rico’s face. Rico told him thank you for making my Tuesday night great.

Continuing down the street for an hour or two Rico popped into a bar notorious for making craft cocktails at a reasonable price. The bartender said “Hey – welcome, I’m Nate. Can I get you something to drink?”

I’ve never had an old fashion that was good, said Rico. I don’t know if I just don’t like old fashions or if I’ve never had one properly made? I mean, I like manhattans so you’d think I’d like old fashions. Right?

 Nate the bartender said, “So you are saying you want to try a great tasting old fashion? I make an amazing old fashion. I can’t say it’s the greatest in the world because I obviously haven’t tasted every old fashion ever made. Though, I believe it’s all about perspective. If you believe something will be great, it will up its chances of turning out great. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had poorly made old fashions but it was the people surrounding me that made those bad old fashions taste great. When I look back I don’t remember the crappy old fashion, I remember the amazing people I was with.   

Totally true said Rico as he took a sip of Nate’s old fashion. This taste great by the way. I don’t know if it’s the drink or your company but this is damn good old.

It’s all about perspective, said Nate.

After paying Nate and leaving a generous tip. Rico told him he’d like to learn more about his story and perspective on life. Rico said, as a writer he’s always looking for inspiration.

Moving on with his night Rico glided outside to the street. Feeling good from the 3 old fashions, he thought Tuesday night was turning out to be pretty awesome and at this very second he grew a craving for tacos. Lucky enough for Rico there was a taco truck called Kitty’s Taco around the corner.

Walking up to the taco truck window, Rico was greeted by a 20/30 something female dressed scantily clad. She said Hi I’m Kitty, are you ready to order cutie?

I’ll have one beef machaca, a Trailer park taco and one dirty sanchez taco.

The trailer park taco is Rico’s favorite because it has fried chicken. The dirty sanchez taco has scrambled eggs and a fried poblano chili. As a breakfast lover, he had to try it.

After scarfing down the tacos and beef machaca Rico headed home to get some sleep. He was thankful for the night turning out to be awesome, considering it was a Tuesday.



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