Volleyball in the Rain!

My disability is slight compared to others, although it sure does make things interesting.

Especially last night, which was the start of a volleyball league I joined through the Mile High Young Professionals. MHYP is an organization I’m involved with that empowers Young Professionals in Denver with all of the business relationships, education and community awareness necessary to become an influential leader in the community.

Now onto the sports, volleyball is perfect in sunny weather but tonight it was cold, dark, wet and rainy. Atypical to the Denver sunshine we are all used to and not making it easy to play volleyball. Not easy at all.

In the back of my mind I could hold my own playing sandlot volleyball but tonight the weather and the fact I don’t have full feeling of my left side made it challenging. Oh yeah, my double vision didn’t help either, especially with the dwindling sun and rain clouds.

I should probably be a benchwarmer but where’s the fun in not trying?

Don’t take this the wrong the way because I had a blast, but I suck at volleyball. I had a killer serve but the slipping and falling on my butt made me look like an amateur. I’m happy to say I wasn’t alone because we were all slipping and sliding like toddlers on ice. Oh yeah, I can’t forget to mention the ball whopping me in the head.  That was funny.

After biffing a volley that should have been easy for me to hit, a friend of mine on the other team yelled “He’s their weak point, aim for Trevor!”

Dammit, they figured me out.



When’s the last time you played a sport or did something you knew you wouldn’t be good at?

When was the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone?






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